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Section 1. Answer the questions with complete sentences.

What do you like to do in your free time?
What time do you usually go to bed?
How often do you go out to eat?
What are you doing now?
What did you eat for lunch yesterday?
What were you doing at 10:00 last night?
How long have you studied English?
Have you ever been to Canada?
What are you going to do next year?
By the time you were sixteen, how long had you studied English?

Section 2.   Verb Tenses

Use the appropriate tense for the verb in parentheses.
Example:  Ali (speak) speaks Arabic. Arabic is his native language, but right now he (speak) is speaking English.

Right now Tom (play) soccer in the park.
He (play) soccer every Saturday morning.
Last weekend he (play) against a team from Brazil.
He (be) very excited to play against an international team.
Tom says, "In the future, I (play) in the Olympic Games. That is my dream."
Tom (never, be) to the Olympics before.
However, he (read) a lot about the history of the Games.
For a long time he (have) dreams about competing as a champion athlete.
Tom (believe) that it would be an honor to compete for his country.
All of his friends (wish) him luck in fulfilling his dream.
Tom (encourage) by his father.
“If I had had the chance, I (become) a soccer player too,” said Tom’s father. He is very proud of his son.

Section 3.   Complete the following sentences.

If it rains tomorrow
Marc didn’t eat lunch today as usual, so he must
Living in another country
Joe made his sister
Learning a second language
I was given
The woman who
You should
By the time he graduates, Joe
If I won a million dollars

Section 4. Language Structure

Choose the correct answer.

The only difference _________the two flights is the time of departure.
The _________of the new hospital will start next month.
Your roommates really want to come to the party,_________they?
I don’t like this party very much.  Can we go home?  I_________.
The president considered _________ a train instead of a plane.
Some animals can hunt in total darkness _________ their remarkable sense of smell.
I have had a terrible toothache for three days now.  I _________ see a dentist.
_________ imaginative stories about the origin of the game of chess.
Dry cleaning is the process _________ clothes are cleaned in liquids other than water.
Joe and Lucy have _________ money to buy a new car.
_________ will  it take you to finish your homework?
_________ they are tropical birds, parrots can live in temperate or even cold climates.

Section 5.  Reading Comprehension 

Read the following story and answer the questions.

The Snowflake Man

Have you ever tried to find two snowflakes exactly alike? If you have, you know it’s impossible. No two snowflakes are ever identical. The reason for this is a mystery that excited Wilson Bentley enough to dedicate his life to “saving” every snowflake he could.

Born on February 9, 1865 in Jericho, Vermont, Wilson Bentley loved snow. He was fascinated by the complex designs of each snowflake. If only he could find a way to save them so that others could enjoy their beauty, too. He tried drawing snowflakes but they always melted before he finished. When he was 17, his parents took all their savings to buy him a special camera with a microscope. Now he could photograph snowflakes!

Willie spent a whole winter in a shed in his backyard, catching snowflakes on a black tray. His first tries at photographing snow all ended in failure. He experimented that winter and the next, before finally succeeding.

Now everyone could see the beauty of each snow crystal, unique designs that would never happen again. When he was sixty-four, his book, Snow Crystals, was published. Wilson Bentley, the Snowflake Man, had given a great gift to the world.

In Willie’s hometown of Jericho, Vermont, you can still read the monument dedicated to “Snowflake” Bentley, Jericho’s world famous snowflake authority
What did Willie dedicate his life to?
What method failed to “save” the snowflakes?
Where did Willie spend an entire winter?
What did he do there?
What method finally succeeded in “saving” the snowflakes?
What happened when Wilson was sixty-four years old?

Section 6.  Writing Skills

Write a paragraph on the following topic: Why did you choose to study English at Canada Place?


Section 7.  B2 & C1 Students Only

Match up the correct collocation: business | close | nowhere | progress
Which of these modal verbs ( should / would / could ) would you use to express possibility? - Use it in a sentence.
Explain the meaning of the idiom in this sentence: Do you know anyone who is out of work at the moment?
Choose the correct phrasal verb: _____ a solution.
Rewrite this sentence using the word in brackets.  I didn’t pay off my student loan in time. (wish)
Fill the gaps with the correct positive, negative or question form of:
used to | be used to | get used to

As a child, I climb trees.
I grew up in the country so when I first came to London I to city life.
I don´t think I will ever speaking English all the time!
We have just moved to Australia and are slowly the different customs.
She is   getting up at 5am to train for the triathlon.

Fill the gaps with the correct word/phrase:

than | more and more | any | fewer | bit | nowhere  | twice | nearly | slightly | less | better | deal

My mother is 160cm tall and I´m taller – I´m 162cm.
Our house is near as big as yours.
The tulip isn´t as beautiful as this rose.
This film is a great more exiting than the one we saw last night.
People are getting wasteful. They throw away a lot more than they used to.

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